Thursday, 14 January 2016

Nigerian Pentecostalism: Case, Diagnosis and Prescription (Fr. Donatus Ukpong)

"This book examines the meaning of Pentecostalism. It explores the origin of the Pentecostal movement and articulates the energy and synergy of a movement that has transformed the face of Christianity in the 20th Century.

With the seriousness of a pastor of souls, a scholar, a theologian and an ardent believer in Jesus Christ, who instituted the Holy Church, with the assurance of being with the church till the end of time, Fr. Ukpong analyzes the Pentecostal Phenomenon in Nigeria. This analysis x-rays the provocation, orientation and challenges embedded in the movement in the most populous country of Africa, Nigeria; since there are strong indications that the centre of Christian gravity is shifting to the southern hemisphere.

This unbiased, but passionate book is intended to help both believers and non-believers in Jesus Christ to discover the true face of the Church as a community of encounter in the 21st Century. Without this, there is no authentic hope for mankind in this digital age. As you read it, you will discover your way back to the perennial and authentic spirituality, and at the same time, cherish and follow the nuances of Pentecostalism in Nigeria. If at the end of reading this book, you know and distinguish the Pentecostals in Nigeria, then our work is done. It is our prayer that God grants you the grace to accept the truth, for freedom comes from accepting and not just knowing the truth." Fr. Donatus Ukpong.

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