Saturday, 9 January 2016

My Dear Diary

This is a diary of a young girl's record of the life of teenage high school days. It is set in "Akwa-Cross", and written in beautiful  poetry.

The book made the short list in the 2015 LGN Prize for Literature, which focused on Children's Literature.

In the spirit of the DAKKADA credo of the season, this upcoming genius needs to be encouraged.

The public presentation the book is scheduled for 22nd January, 2016 @11am, @ Ibom E-Library Conference Hall, IBB Way, Uyo. Awka Ibom State.

Please keep this date. GBU.


  1. Great work, I just didn't drop it till I was's so real.

  2. I wanna be first to read it after NuNu. Great job there Idong.

  3. Luv 2 go tru it as well.... Hardwrd really pay.